Get Paid To Download Files And Apps Online

Get Paid To Download

Get Paid To Download Files And Apps Online

If you are looking to get paid to download your files and apps you are in the right place. Here we provide you with websites you can get paid to download and how to earn big for every download you make.

Here our team of pay download experts have searched and researched the whole web to bring you the best place to get paid to download files and also ways to earn big with them so if you are looking for such then you are in luck.

What is Get Paid To Downlaod?

Get paid to download like the name suggests is an online advertising technique that involves people get paid when their files apps or any downloadable products are uploaded and downloaded by visitors. It is also known as Pay Per Download or PPD networks.

How Get Paid To Download Works

Get paid to download is one of the ways in which files owners or apps creators monetize their products without directly requesting for payment or fee. For instance if you have a file such as Video, Ebook, MP3, App, Games etc that you want make money from and do not want to scare people by requesting for a fee before download you can easily sign up on any of the get paid to download sites and then upload your file unto the site, copy the link and share it to them. Once they click on the link to download your file, a code placed on the link by the download site will trigger a small survey form that they must complete before they can be able to download the file. You are paid for every survey they complete to download your file. That is you will be paid every time a visitor download your file.

Data collected from surveys are sold to market research company in which they use to improve their products and services. The market research companies pay download sites to gather survey data and download sites in turn pay part of the money to their members that help gather survey data through their files.

How Much To Earn Using Get Paid To Download System

The amount you are likely to make on each site depending on the websites payout, the number of downloads you make per day, and the countries your downloaders are coming from. Majority of the get paid to download networks pay very high per download for when your downloaders come from countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. For example, sharecash pay up to $1 per download from USA. Which means if your share your file on highly populated websites and 1000 people downloaded it from USA, you would earn a whopping sum of $1000!

Best Place to Promote Your Get Paid To Download Links

There are many places you can promote you download link depending on your choice but I will suggest you start from websites with high population such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google +, Forums etc. Just any place you discover lots of people who will be interested in downloading your file.

Top 4 Websites To Get Paid To Download

Below are the website where you can get paid to download

Sharecash is the oldest and currently the most popular and highest paying website that pay users to upload and download files. Here you will be paid through Paypal, Payoneer, Check and Direct Bank Transfer.

Dreamcash is one of the get paid to download sites that have been online for long. They pay for every download to your file and you can easily withdraw you earnings via Paypal, Check, Payoneer and Bank Transfer.

CPAgrid is a top pay per download network you can get paid to download. The payment ways are paypal, payoneer, Bank deposit, etc.

Purebits is another top get paid to download site that pay high for every download to your file. They have all the required tools to help make your download possible. Payment are made via Paypal and Western Union Money Transfer. PUREBITS now a SCAM, they don’t Pay.

Dollarupload is a well known site that pay to download files. Here you are also given all the necessary tools to make this happen just like the above mentioned sites. The payment are through Paypal, Check, Payoneer and Bank Transfer.

We shall bring you more info on pay per download networks so make bookmark or visit this blog regularly. Until then, wish you all the best on any of the website you choose to get paid to download files.